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15th Dec 2016

Well, another year has flown by & what a year it's been!

Just before we close up for Christmas and head home for a festive few days with our friends and family, we thought we would put together a little list of interesting & funny things that have happened at Limpet H.Q this year:


We decorated the office a day early with Christmas Decs (HoHoHo!).
We bought a new finishing line.
We promoted a part time administrator to full time (Millie).
We got rid of our snack boxes and hit the gyms hard............Then realised this was a horrid mistake and now can't find a new snack box supplier anywhere! #hangry (hungry & angry at the same time).

We delivered to 3 new countries - Norway, Finland, Bulgaria.

We are now Zero to landfill #keepitgreenpeeps

We hit 1000 followers on Twitter.
We recruited a new dispatch operator (Dan).
We wrote more blogs, because we love blogs, blog blog blog!

We reduced our paper usage by 65%.

We extended our storage area, again!
We laughed as even more people walked into the glass display cabinet than before.

We consumed more tea than coffee in the office, but increased our love of coffee, a lot!
We ate more takeaway food than any other food on Fridays, specifically chippy lunches with various trimmings!
We upgraded all our software to help with the increasing workload.

We got 100 Likes on Facebook.

We began our massive Factory move around & hope to complete this early next year.  


Many other things have happened, but these seem to be the most memorable ones!

So with that, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas

and a wonderful New Year.



See you in 2017.

The Limpets. xxx

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