Artwork Requirements


Would you like to supply your own artwork?

Please send your artwork either by e-mail to (if your files are fairly large please compress your files in a Zip or Stuffit folder). You can also send your artwork via CD ROM or FTP site.


Ideally, artwork needs to be compatible with the following software:- 



 Quark Express     Adobe Illustrator     Adobe Indesign     Adobe Photoshop      Adobe Acrobat     Freehand 


Our artwork studio generally use Apple Macs which is the Print & Design industries preferred choice but it is usually possible to cross format information from the PC versions of the above software. Please remember to include all relevant images at a minimum resolution of 300dpi (600dpi for images with fine/reversed text) and also include all required fonts or alternatively convert the text to outlines. We also require a minimum of 3mm of bleed around the artwork.


Feel free to speak to one of our experts on 01978 664411 if you have any artwork queries.




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