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Advantages of Digital labels

Digital labels and digital printing has had a big impact on the printing industry. High quality, cost effective labels are now possible with digital labels.

Our Xeikon digital labels press is designed to produce high quality, sharp images that give product labels a quality look and visual impact. Digital labels also have the benefit of no printing plates, meaning huge savings on setup costs, and many different products can be run together to give you fantastic economy on your labels.

Digital labels and digital printing is also suitable for variable information, sequential numbering, barcodes and other security features.

Since installing the press in October 2009, we have been awarded the prestigious 'Best Print in Digital Printing Award' at the Flexotech Magazine Awards in 2010, we were finalists in 2011 and was also finalists in the Digital Printer Awards 2012.


What is Digital Printing? 

Digital printing describes the process of transferring an image or document stored on a pc or mac onto a printing media such as paper or polypropylene  The image on the pc is normally automatically split into 4 basic colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black (we refer to this as CMYK) and the print engine then prints these four colours overlaying them exactly to reproduce the image on the screen.

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These print engines are most commonly found in two basic types; the first uses dry toner powder which is fused into the substrate and the second uses electrostatically charged wet ink which is fired at the paper. These basic types are referred to as toner based or inkjet based devices. There are various manufacturers that supply digital printing machines or presses but we use Xeikon, one of the market leaders in digital machines.

Digital printing is significantly different to the more traditional method of Litho printing or Offset printing. Litho printing requires the original image to be split into component colours (similar to the CYMK process) and then a "plate" is made for each colour (to a maximum of 8 plates) which is physically loaded into a printing press for the printing process to begin. This making of "plates" for each colour, together with the time and effort to "set up" the litho press adds relatively high fixed costs, and time, to each litho job even before and output is delivered.

This is why for shorter runs requiring fast turnaround times digital printing is the most effective printing solution. In addition, the flexibility of personalising each and every print with a digital printing press means that for targeted direct mail communication, digital printing is the best cost effective solution.



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