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We currently operate with a MarkAndy P3 flexographic press. This machine is quite simply one of the most advanced narrow web presses  available today and combines the latest production efficiencies with state-of-the-art technology. This press enables our printers to maximise productivity, achieve consistent quality as well as versatility and flexibility.

All of our presses are manned by an extremely well experienced and highly trained team of operatives and we pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency with which we produce our customer's labels.


What is Flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing uses flexible printing plates made of rubber or plastic to print on a wide variety of packaging materials. The inked plates with slightly raised images are rotated on a cylinder, which transfers the image to the substrate. Flexo, as flexographic printing is also known, is a high-speed printing process that uses fast drying inks and can print on many types of absorbent and non-absorbent materials. It is very efficient for producing longer runs. Flexographic printing is also more ideal to exact colour matching with the capabilities of colour mixing and using Pantone exact ready mixed colours.


     We use Mark Andy for Flexographic labels 





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