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GHS & CLP Labels

CLP Regulation deadline


Welcome to the GHS and CLP warning labels section. GHS stands for Global Harmonized system of Classification and labeling of Chemicals and is a internationally recognised system that was created by the United Nations. GHS labels have been created to replace the various classifications and labeling standards that currently exist in different countries. The CLP Regulation (European Regulation on Classification, Labelling and packaging of substaces and mixtures) was created by The European Commission to adopt this new GHS system. The regulation came into force on the 20th January 2009 and will be direcly applied to all EU member states, including the UK in 2015.

All our GHS and CLP labels labels are laminated and produced on a Polypropylene material. The base material we use conforms with B.S 5609:1986 which is perfect for for transport by Road, Rail, Air and Sea. Our GHS and CLP labels fully comply with the ADRRIDIMDG IATA requirements. Some labels can be purchased in a format suitable for automatic application. For more details please call on 01978 66 44 11.

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